Calligraphy Services


All services are for on-site or in-studio.

LY's Studio

Handwriting on Paper

adding a personal touch to your wedding or special event

Place cards

To give a warm welcome to your guests in either a party, wedding or corporate dinner. It also brings elegance to the table. It is sure that they will feel valued and welcomed in your events.

Envelopes Addressing

Make your guests absolutely impressed by sending them calligraphy addressed envelopes. Let’s make your wedding envelopes beautiful and unique. You do not need to worry about the complex addressing etiquette because we are specialist of it.

Invitations / Greetings / Birthday Cards

What makes an invitation, greeting or birthday card more special and memorable than an elegant and stylish calligraphy handwriting card? Surely your guests and VIPs will always love it.


Adding a touch on your packaging, either a bag or a box, is always a pleasant way to please your clients. This also boots sales in advance.

On Different Surfaces

Hot Foiling

A popular service on leather but also works on papers in either light or dark colours.


On-site engraving service is one of the best way to draw people in, engage with them and make them feel appreciated and special. It is available in-studio for longer text like poems.

Handwriting on different surfaces

On different surfaces, there are different ways to write calligraphy on it. It could be edible ink on food, acrylic ink on leather, oil marker on glass bottles or so on. Get in touch for the best solution for your products.


Flourishing Art

This is a special service for sending Thank You, greeting or birthday cards to your clients by creating their initials through flourishing art. It works for letter, numbers or any irregular shapes. Every piece is a unique artwork with different design


The most luxury service of all that contains 24k gold in each design. This can be a wedding or birthday gift for friends, family or clients.

Digital Calligraphy

Adding a message or quote in you photo to make it more meaning and elegant. Best for wedding, pregnancy and new born photos.